Mystical Locations


Thousands of years after it allegedly [ sank ] into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the island continent of Atlantis remains as one of history's most frustrating puzzles. If such a place existed, Atlantis had a [ civilization ] unequalled, yet its chroniclers say that it disappeared in little more than a single day, not leaving a trace.

Great Pyramid

Since the time the Greeks, men have contemplated the purposes of this sole survivor of the world's seven wonders the Great Pyramid, and asked questions that could not be answered. What was the purpose of building it and if it was a tomb, as wisdom has supposed, why was there an [ absence ] of symbols or possessions of royalty, much less a royal corpse? If its purpose was not a tomb, what was it and how was it built?


June 21st each year, the date of the summer solstice, a crowd gathers to watch the stunning spectacle of sunrise over Stonehenge , a circular [ structure ] of standing stones known as megaliths, on southwest England’s Salisbury Plain.

As the dawn sun rises from the horizon, there is a moment observed from the centre of the circle when the sun appears to be suspended directly above the tall marker positioned outside the circle named the Heel Stone.

Not only is it a visual delight, it is an unfathomable mystery. Several stones, erected thousands of years ago by prehistoric builders, [ indicate ] on the horizon the rising and setting of the sun and the moon at specific times throughout the year.

Earth Pictures

From the early times of aviation, aeronauts have found delight in discovering that flight revealed mysterious new shapes and textures.  With aviation progressing through the 1920s and 1930s, pilots patrolling the airways of Peru or the American Southwest or England's rolling hills began to see curiosities.

Giant works of art - huge [ geometric figures ], owl-eyed humans, enormous galloping horses – materialized out of the landscape with surprising vividness and seemed to stare at the sky, as if seeking the eyes of gods.

And therein the mystery as we may never know why or for whom the ground dwellers of the Nazca plateau or Britain's hills created these earth drawings. With the modern magic of aerial photography, we can now perceive the images as perhaps they were meant to be seen - from the air.

Hollow Earth

Cave drawings, from the beginnings of human occupation testify, to the fact that early humans speculated about the deepest recesses of the earth and the idea of life underground remains a tantalizing thought even today.

Cave dwellers have had to compete for their shelter from other cave dwelling animals that were often ferocious in defence of their territory. Fear permeated these people to the probability that there was yet one more creature in the dark at the back of the cave. It probably accounts for the reason that the sub terrain became closely associated with death and dragons, with Satan and the supernatural.

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